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The Story

This is the story of a lone bashmu, ripped from its mythical home of ancient Mesopotamia, and Josh, the young scumbag of a wannabe journalist that gets sucked into its story.

Watch as the bashmu tries to adapt to the 21st century, while Josh learns what it means to be a Master and why simply following the story without questioning it may not be the most fulfilling course of action.

How to Play

This visual novel contains 3 vastly different routes that are meant to be read in the correct order to tell the whole story .

On your first playthrough, the game will automatically send you into the first route. Once you finish that, the next time you press start, the game will automatically lock onto the second route and the same is true for the third route after you finish the second.

After you have played through all three routes to get at least one ending each, you'll be free to make a choice near the start of the game to enter whichever route you wish, including a special variation of the first route.

Completionists will also be able to unlock an epilogue after playing through most of the game.

Finishing your first run of the novel will take several hours.

General Information

"Why is there a bashmu in my room?" is a fangame based on the Fate franchise which belongs to Type Moon.

In this game, you will meet already known servants, as well as new versions of already familiar servants and some brand new ones.

Most of the background music is by Kevin MacLeod. More information on this can be found in the game's credits or in the "music credits.txt" that is delivered with this visual novel. 


This game contains descriptions of graphic situations and death and depictions of partial nudity.

The characters (especially the main character) may offer some choice opinions about other groups of people. Those are obviously not my opinions.


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